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June 27,2015

The Territorial River Regatta is a fun, relaxed float with family and friends....tubing on the gentle flow of the Colorado River. This year's Regatta is Saturday, June 27, 2015. The Territorial River Regatta is brought to you by Caballeros de Yuma, Inc. Trophy presentation will take place under the Ocean to Ocean Bridge approximately at 11 am

ENTRY: Please fill out and return the online entry form at (or fill it out and bring it with you that day). To participate in the Regatta, you must sign this registration and release form, pay a $5 fee and wear the numbered wristband provided by Caballeros.

Entry Form

LOCATION: The Regatta starts at 8 AM where the Gila River joins the Colorado River, the Confluence. For your ease and safety, please use this route only: Highway 95 to Avenue 6E to the Levee Road. Travel on the Levee Road back towards Yuma (West) about 2 miles to the drop off point at the Confluence. Regular passenger cars can easily make the trip but use caution and stay on the roads. Plan to drop passengers and floats and drive on. Please note that no formal parking is provided; drivers may need to walk some distance to the river.  EXIT: Debarkation is at West Wetland Park, entrance at 1st Street and 12th Avenue. Start to finish, the trip down the river typically takes about three hours but prevailing conditions will affect travel time. All support and services for the Regatta end at 2 PM


Entry rules include:

         Bring your own float tube and equipment

         Use of a Coast Guard-approved life jacket by each participant is strongly suggested

         No children under 15 can register unless accompanied by parent or guardian

         No glass is allowed in the river or at the entry and exit points

         If you bring it in, pack it out

FLOATS: You're encouraged to build and decorate a float of any theme you like. Floats must be completely assembled before you arrive--there is no space available at the launch site.

AWARDS: Several prizes will be awarded for floats, including best non profit, best military, best business as well as other prizes.  The criteria for awards is solely at the discretion of the judges.

SAFETY FIRST: Carry and apply waterproof sun block to all exposed skin. Wear long sleeve

shirts and pants, a broad-brimmed hat and sturdy shoes. Wear a life jacket. Bring and drink

plenty of water. 



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Bureau of Land Management, US Department of Reclamation, Yuma County Sheriffs Office, Arizona Game & Fish, City of Yuma, Yuma Visitors Bureau, Rural Metro, Yuma Police Department, Yuma Fire Department, Yuma Parks & Recreation: Thank you for your help and cooperation in staging the 2013 Territorial River Regatta.