• Midnight at the Oasis
    February 28 -March 3, 2024
    The Southwest's premier Classic Car and
    Nostalgia Festival.
    Featuring more than 900 Classic
    Cars, two nights of concerts, a friday
    night cruise and a Thursday night Rally
    on Main Street in Downtown Yuma
  • CRC Balloon Festival
    November10-12, 2023
    Held each November the festival spans three
    days featuring launches on the mornings
    of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The highlight
    of the event is a hot air balloon glow at the
    Desert Sun Stadium, choreographed to music
  • Yuma Territorial Marathon
    January 27, 2024
    Featuring full and a half marathons
    plus a 10k Division
    Run on a Saturday morning over a mostly level
    course it has seen numerous runners
    record their best times. The marathon
    is a sanctioned qualifying race.
  • Bull of the Desert
    February 17, 2024
    Featuring male and female divisons
    Sanctioned by United States Strongman
    Winners qualify for US Strongman Nationals
    Hekd at Desert Sun Stadium in Yuma, AZ
    Venue offers close-up views
    of participants as they compete.
  • Holiday Pageant
    November 25, 2023
    The Ken and Betty Borland Holiday Pageant
    and Tower Lighting is held the Saturday
    after Thanksgiving each year and features
    dance routines, Christmas Carols and
    holiday cheer. The highlight is the
    lighting of the tower making it a
    200-foot Christmas tree.
  • July 4th Ceremony
    July 4, 2023
    The Caballeros celebrate Independence Day
    with a 7:00 am ceremny at the Armed Services
    Park in Downtown Yuma. The honors servicemen
    and women, featuring speeches from the local
    base commanders and recognition of local
    Marines and Soldiers. The Stars and Stripes
    is raised at the ceremny as well as at the
    mast of the Yuma water tower.

Welcome To Caballeros de Yuma Website


The Caballeros de Yuma were formed in 1962 by a group of 20 businessmen for the purpose of greeting groups and VIPs who visited Yuma (AZ) County. A second purpose was to sponsor special events, which publicized and attracted visitors to the City and County of Yuma. From those humble beginnings, the Caballeros have grown to almost a hundred strong – all local businessmen who work voluntarily without pay. and Our events also have grown in number, size and stature, making them among the most popular activities in the Southwest.

Proceeds from the events directly benefit community organizations, many of which volunteer their time and energy to assisting the Caballeros in producing top quality events. Youth organizations, local high schools, youth athletic teams, service clubs and other non-profits contribute numerous hours of labor to make events such as Midnight at the Oasis a success. Since its creation the Caballeros de Yuma have contributed through its events in excess of $3 million to the Yuma community.


Caballeros de Yuma Scholarship Program

Memorial Scholarships – Graduating High School Seniors

The Caballeros de Yuma are offering two (2) $3,200 – Caballeros de Yuma Presidential Memorial Scholarships and eight (8) - $1,300 Caballeros de Yuma Memorial Scholarships to high school seniors graduating from Yuma County high schools. The Memorial Scholarships will be awarded to; one (1) graduating senior from; Antelope HS, Kofa HS, Cibola HS, Yuma HS, Gila Ridge HS, San Luis HS, Yuma Catholic HS, plus one graduating senior selected from applications submitted from Yuma County Charter Schools (Carpe Diem Collegiate HS, Aztec HS, PPEP TEC, Harvest Prep Academy and Educational Opportunity Center Charter HS – YPIC, and Vista Alternative School). The Presidential Scholarships will be awarded to the two (2) highest scoring high school graduating seniors from all eight high schools.

Memorial Scholarship Packet

Continuing Education Scholarship Criteria

The Caballeros de Yuma are offering two (2) $2,750 – Caballeros de Yuma Continuing Education Scholarships to
matriculated students in bachelor degree programs at any University.

Continuing EducationScholarship Packet



Feb 29 - March 3, 2024

Midnight at the Oasis



November 10-12, 2023

CRC Balloon Festival


February 17, 2024

Bull of the Desert

Register at Iron Podium

marathonJanuary 27,2024

Yuma Territorial Marathon Half Marathon, 10K


November 25, 2023

Holiday Pageant

flagJuly 4, 2023

July 4th Ceremony